About Us

The Lazy Scroll

Gerry and Jo Anna Hrycuna
Wilmer, AL 36587

Since forming The Lazy Scroll in 1994, small critters and various garden creations have been the focus of Gerry and Jo Anna Hrycuna of Wilmer, Alabama.

Gerry started welding in 1970 and when he moved to Alabama in 1991  was able to realize his true creative potential and start designing and manufacturing metal garden art.

Jo Anna, a corporate banker until the move, quickly jumped on the band wagon and became as Gerry calls her--The FAMOS PLASMA cutter!! She also is the creator of their line of hummingbird feeders.

Since 1994, they have exhibited in approximately 35 Art & Craft and Garden Shows per year in the southeastern United States with their unique creations of plan and garden related metal work. Their current product line includes items such as: weathervanes, kinetic art, hummingbird feeders, and various yard art.